Kitchen renovation can be tricky, especially if you don’t keep an eye on the bottom line. You can spend a rack of money on kitchen renovation if you fail to plan the project precisely. With a bit of research, careful planning and successful execution, everything works together to create a stylish-looking kitchen.

5  Easy And Cost-Effective Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A Fresh New Look!

If you are running on a budget and looking for stylish and innovative ideas to renovate your kitchen, this detailed, and informative article will walk you through some 

1. Plan What You Want- Before going ahead with the kitchen renovation project, it isessential to check out the plan. You should decide what you expect your kitchen to look like; the first thing you should keep in mind is the placement of kitchen accessories and equipment, light availability, ventilation, and cabinets. In addition, if you have a bigger kitchen, you can also go ahead with island placement and seating arrangements. The objective is to decide what you want and then work around it.

2. Add Open Shelves- If you’re planning to create more storage in your kitchen, adding a kitchen cabinet is a good idea. However, this can be costly. To save on money, you can opt for open shelves. Yes, it certainly requires more maintenance and care, but you will be able to save a lot of money which otherwise was in making a kitchen cabinet.

3. Flooring- The flooring is the first thing that strikes the iPad do stuff in the kitchen; it should be slip-resistant yet stylish and sync with the décor of your house. Nowadays, you can find several options in the market. However, if you decide to invest in marble flooring, you may spend a lot of money. Hence, you can choose an alternative, like vinyl. These are available in the realistic tile pattern and can also be used to create a fake good appearance. That’s with a lesser amount, yet you can invest in a sturdy and durable option.

Or over, vinyl flooring is easy to install and or cheaper than the other options. But, before making a purchase, you should compare the different options available in the market and then invest in the best one. 

4. Wall-Mounted Baskets or Shelves-One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a completely new look is by adding shells and wall-mounted units.These take up less floor space, thus giving you enough area to work in the kitchen. Hence if you have a space constraint, opting for wall-mounted cabinets or baskets is good for storage. However, while doing so, you should create symmetry when placing these wall-mounted shelves.

5. Add Some Green Touch-Give a refreshing appeal to your kitchen; adding some green touch to it is a great idea. You can add a bespoke boulder where you can place the wooden plank on the wall and place the glass jar with the herbs on it. You can use metal or cable ties to wrap up his last plan. However, while doing so, ensure that you tightly attach the glass to the plant, so it doesn’t fall off. While placing the house, ensure that the jar is equal to 3rd of its level and has enough drainage. If you have more space in your kitchen, you can also add some plans to give it a refreshed look. 


There is much more that you can do when it comes to kitchen renovations. A beautiful-looking kitchen looks appealing and inviting. It also increases the property value and valuation of your book. Hence if you are planning a kitchen renovation and running on a tight budget, you can refer to the options mentioned above. It is all about exploring your creativity and being experimented with. For better implementation, you can also search through some online portals where you can get ideas on how to easily renovate your kitchen with some DIY. However, you must never compromise on the quality of materials and work. The tips as mentioned earlier are going to help you with the kitchen renovation project.